Monday, March 26, 2012

The Chicken Tractor Project

So we've been ruminating over our movable chicken pen (otherwise known as a chicken tractor) for some time. With the chicks growing bigger everyday, and our house starting to smell like a chicken coop, the need became more urgent to get the project going.

We sat down, sketched out our design and then it was off to Lowe's.

We took all the materials to my parents' place so we could use my dad's power tools (and my dad himself).

That is one proud master chicken coop designer. :)  This is about where we left off yesterday. All that's left is to install the doors and paint it. Then it should be chicken-ready!

In other news we purchased our long awaited local goat milk share on Saturday.

I've had raw goat's milk before, but this doesn't even compare. It's so sweet and nutty, and I'm ready to reap the health benefits!

Welp, it's gonna be another unseasonably warm March day, and I've got lots of stuff to do! Hopefully the coop will be done by this afternoon and I can post a picture of the finished product.

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